Joseph Harless Discusses Ways Basketball Helps At-Risk Students

Joseph Harless is a young college student, basketball player, jewelry maker, and mentor who has become a very focused and successful man at a surprisingly young age. And he recently discussed how basketball helped him focus on his dreams and how he has helped at-risk students on his team get over life challenges to become more successful and happy people. 

Joseph Harless Believes Basketball Builds Long-Lasting Relationships

During his career as a basketball player and coach, Joseph Harless has helped many students overcome life struggles that held them back. For example, he has watched basketball transform the lives of students who have parents with drug addiction by giving them a purpose and a goal that transcended the limitations of their lives. This benefit is enormous, Joseph Harless states. 

Just as importantly, he has found that many students in this situation lack positive social interaction with their peers. Whether they are picked on by others or exhibit bullying behaviors, Joseph Harless believes that these students are suffering and need help. And basketball provides that guidance by integrating them into a positive atmosphere of sports competition. 

And sports also help to teach many positive lessons, such as teamwork, competitiveness, and the willingness to fight for what a person believes in as an individual. And Joseph Harless highlights basketball as an excellent option for struggling students because it relies on careful cooperation and an understanding of others that may help a struggling and at-risk student.

Ways to Integrate a Student Into Basketball

Parents or teachers of an at-risk student have many different ways to get that child into basketball, Joseph Harless says. For example, shooting hoops together at a public basketball court is an inexpensive way to see if the child enjoys the sport. Joseph Harless states that basketball is such a popular sport because it is relatively inexpensive to play – as long as there’s a basketball and a hoop, players can shoot. 

As a result, an at-risk student doesn’t need to invest much money into this process, making it easier for them to start. However, Joseph Harless believes that it is more important to get the student involved with a team, even if it’s just an intramural group. The potential emotional connections that they can make in this situation are massive and must be encouraged as much as possible in the student, he states. 

Though the student may try to resist this process at first, many are likely to find encouragement from their peers a reason enough to start. And as they play, Joseph Harless believes they will find themselves having fun and engaging with others positively. The power of sports is so strong that this student may even find themselves engaging in it competitively and using it as a springboard to further success, Joseph Harless states. 


Joseph Harless Discusses How Basketball Can Be a Great Support System

At-Risk Youth Need a Support System, and Joseph Harless Recommends Basketball as an Outlet

Throughout many communities around the United States, there are at-risk youth. Essentially, it means they are at risk of not successfully transitioning into adulthood. They may not achieve economic self-sufficiency. They may drop out of school or they may find themselves in trouble with the law. Either way, Joseph Harless, a basketball student, and youth minister in the making, recommends exploring basketball.

When students get involved in a sport, like basketball, they experience a team setting. Joseph Harless of Johnson City reminisces that some of his best friendships were made on the courts. Strong friendships can help to keep individuals out of trouble.

Additionally, Joseph Harless of Johnson City notes that when an at-risk youth gets on a high school basketball team, they’re more likely to focus on their studies. Every school requires athletes to maintain passing grades. When they do good on the courts, they want to do good in school.

Participating in basketball can ensure that a student stays in high school through graduation. It ensures that they get the necessary education to contribute to society, explains Joseph Harless. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to win scholarships. This enables individuals to pursue a higher education, providing them with more career opportunities.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City has seen how some students have not had a support system. Their parents worked long hours. They didn’t have members of the community they could talk to. As a result, they floundered. Eventually, they either chose to drop out or they got themselves in with the wrong crowd and got arrested.

Joseph Harless, who is a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, wants to make something of himself. He wants to get involved in the ministry that services at-risk youth. He wants to be the support system that can help those who need extra support.

For Joseph Harless of Johnson City, he believes that many can benefit from basketball. Particularly on a high school level, there are players and a coach that can help. They can be a sounding board for all that is going on in one’s life.

However, it’s not just about playing in high school. Basketball is a great outlet for stress, Joseph Harless explains. For those who need support, sometimes it is just about grabbing a basketball and shooting hoops with a few people in the neighborhood. It gets the adrenaline pumping. A person can work out many of their problems on the court.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City wants to make sure the people in his community get the help that they need. It’s one of the reasons why he wants to work with the at-risk youth ministry. It’s also why he’s always offering tips and tutorials in basketball. He believes the sport can do a lot to help individuals build a support system.

Joseph Harless Explores Virtual Basketball Practice

Basketball Players of Every Level are Trying to Figure Out How to Practice with Social Distancing, Joseph Harless Identifies

The pandemic has affected everyone across every industry. Anyone who follows sports will have seen NBA, MLB, and other major sports canceled or postponed because of COVID-19. Teams cannot practice together due to social distancing requirements. Joseph Harless of Johnson City, a student and past All-Conference basketball player, identifies ways to practice basketball virtually.

Joseph Harless identifies that it’s not easy to practice basketball during the pandemic. Basketball courts all across the country have been closed to discourage people from getting too close to one another. Further, schools have been closed, preventing the use of gymnasiums. As such, basketball players have to discover a new way to practice.

While there is always the possibility to grab a basketball and shoot hoops in one’s driveway, Joseph Harless takes it a step further. He wants to do more than dribble and shoot hoops. He wants to look at the overall dynamic of the game. This is when he realized that virtual basketball practice may be one of the best options.Joseph Harless has turned to video games to help him. He identifies that there are a number of PS4 games that can help with the team sport aspect of basketball. It allows him to create a player profile and it makes it easier to strategize. He can still embrace the team dynamic of the sport while still maintaining 6 feet away from every real person. Joseph Harless acknowledges that this is still not ideal in comparison to playing on a real court with real people, though it does help with strategies and learning how to be a better team player on the court.

As Joseph Harless explains, there’s a reason why so many basketball video games are popular. Many are licensed by the NBA and use real NBA players. It’s a chance to take the fate of a game into one’s own hands. For basketball players, this can be a great way to learn more about the rules of the game. It can also take gameplay to a new level.

Plenty of basketball coaches have recommended using video games to provide added support when practicing with team members is not possible. Joseph Harless still plays basketball, but it’s not the same when he doesn’t have other people to play with. He has also begun using various other games to help with understanding strategy. He identifies that there are basketball video games on virtually every platform. This includes Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Joseph Harless is eager to see the NBA come back once the pandemic is over. Until then, he urges everyone to consider virtual basketball practice as a way to improve their game and enhance their approach to the team dynamic.


Joseph Harless

How TikTok Can Help Athletes During the Pandemic, According to Joseph Harless of Johnson City

With Amateur and Professional Sports Cancelled Across the US, Athletes are Struggling for an Outlet Explains Joseph Harless

Many high school and college athletes use the spring months as a way to prepare themselves for the next phase of their sports career. They may be visited by recruiters or they may be playing in championship games. With the COVID-19 pandemic, athletes are at a loss for what to do. A former high school athlete and basketball champion, Joseph Harless of Johnson City, offers a solution via TikTok.

Joseph HarlessTikTok is a unique social media platform that is video-oriented. People can create accounts to gain followers. Some people become influencers because of the number of followers they have and the challenges that they post. Further, the platform allows people to post short videos, often with the use of filters and frames.

Joseph Harless recommends that every athlete, regardless of whether they are in high school or play professionally, create a TikTok account. It can help athletes to connect with others who are also feeling the discomfort of the pandemic’s restrictions.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City explains that while recruiters aren’t going to high schools and colleges to see players on the field, they are using TikTok. It can be a way to see who is doing what, and who has some unique skills that cannot be displayed on the field or court.

How TikTok Helps Athletes | Joseph Harless

Joseph Harless also explains that using TikTok can help athletes to push themselves. There are a number of different challenges posted regularly. Some of the influencers will offer how-to instructional videos of how to accomplish a challenge. Then, athletes can figure out how to recreate the challenge in order to prove to their followers that they can accomplish it.

What’s unique about TikTok is that it brings the community together even further because there can be thousands of people performing the same challenge. However, everyone figures out how to add their own personal touch to it. Joseph Harless of Johnson City says that the creativity is key to gaining followers.

Any athlete looking to be discovered, whether it’s for the sake of a college scholarship, a chance at the NFL, the NBA, the MLB, or any other professional opportunity, needs to be visible online. Particularly during the pandemic when traditional recruiting strategies are not available, Joseph Harless suggests that TikTok can be the solution.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City continues to be creative as an athlete and encourages everyone to do the same regardless of where they are within their athletic career.