Joseph Harless Discusses How Basketball Can Be a Great Support System

John Smith

July 29, 2020

At-Risk Youth Need a Support System, and Joseph Harless Recommends Basketball as an Outlet

Throughout many communities around the United States, there are at-risk youth. Essentially, it means they are at risk of not successfully transitioning into adulthood. They may not achieve economic self-sufficiency. They may drop out of school or they may find themselves in trouble with the law. Either way, Joseph Harless, a basketball student, and youth minister in the making, recommends exploring basketball.

When students get involved in a sport, like basketball, they experience a team setting. Joseph Harless of Johnson City reminisces that some of his best friendships were made on the courts. Strong friendships can help to keep individuals out of trouble.

Additionally, Joseph Harless of Johnson City notes that when an at-risk youth gets on a high school basketball team, they’re more likely to focus on their studies. Every school requires athletes to maintain passing grades. When they do good on the courts, they want to do good in school.

Participating in basketball can ensure that a student stays in high school through graduation. It ensures that they get the necessary education to contribute to society, explains Joseph Harless. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to win scholarships. This enables individuals to pursue a higher education, providing them with more career opportunities.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City has seen how some students have not had a support system. Their parents worked long hours. They didn’t have members of the community they could talk to. As a result, they floundered. Eventually, they either chose to drop out or they got themselves in with the wrong crowd and got arrested.

Joseph Harless, who is a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, wants to make something of himself. He wants to get involved in the ministry that services at-risk youth. He wants to be the support system that can help those who need extra support.

For Joseph Harless of Johnson City, he believes that many can benefit from basketball. Particularly on a high school level, there are players and a coach that can help. They can be a sounding board for all that is going on in one’s life.

However, it’s not just about playing in high school. Basketball is a great outlet for stress, Joseph Harless explains. For those who need support, sometimes it is just about grabbing a basketball and shooting hoops with a few people in the neighborhood. It gets the adrenaline pumping. A person can work out many of their problems on the court.

Joseph Harless of Johnson City wants to make sure the people in his community get the help that they need. It’s one of the reasons why he wants to work with the at-risk youth ministry. It’s also why he’s always offering tips and tutorials in basketball. He believes the sport can do a lot to help individuals build a support system.