Joseph Harless Explores Virtual Basketball Practice

John Smith

July 14, 2020

Basketball Players of Every Level are Trying to Figure Out How to Practice with Social Distancing, Joseph Harless Identifies

The pandemic has affected everyone across every industry. Anyone who follows sports will have seen NBA, MLB, and other major sports canceled or postponed because of COVID-19. Teams cannot practice together due to social distancing requirements. Joseph Harless of Johnson City, a student and past All-Conference basketball player, identifies ways to practice basketball virtually.

Joseph Harless identifies that it’s not easy to practice basketball during the pandemic. Basketball courts all across the country have been closed to discourage people from getting too close to one another. Further, schools have been closed, preventing the use of gymnasiums. As such, basketball players have to discover a new way to practice.

While there is always the possibility to grab a basketball and shoot hoops in one’s driveway, Joseph Harless takes it a step further. He wants to do more than dribble and shoot hoops. He wants to look at the overall dynamic of the game. This is when he realized that virtual basketball practice may be one of the best options.Joseph Harless has turned to video games to help him. He identifies that there are a number of PS4 games that can help with the team sport aspect of basketball. It allows him to create a player profile and it makes it easier to strategize. He can still embrace the team dynamic of the sport while still maintaining 6 feet away from every real person. Joseph Harless acknowledges that this is still not ideal in comparison to playing on a real court with real people, though it does help with strategies and learning how to be a better team player on the court.

As Joseph Harless explains, there’s a reason why so many basketball video games are popular. Many are licensed by the NBA and use real NBA players. It’s a chance to take the fate of a game into one’s own hands. For basketball players, this can be a great way to learn more about the rules of the game. It can also take gameplay to a new level.

Plenty of basketball coaches have recommended using video games to provide added support when practicing with team members is not possible. Joseph Harless still plays basketball, but it’s not the same when he doesn’t have other people to play with. He has also begun using various other games to help with understanding strategy. He identifies that there are basketball video games on virtually every platform. This includes Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Joseph Harless is eager to see the NBA come back once the pandemic is over. Until then, he urges everyone to consider virtual basketball practice as a way to improve their game and enhance their approach to the team dynamic.